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Wipers Times 14

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Wipers Times 14 beer Wipers Times 14

The Brewery

Brouwerij De Kazematten
Houten Paard 1
Ieper (Ypres)

Email Website Telephone+32 (0) 57 38 80 21 Facebook

Beer Style

Belgian Blonde Beer

The Beer

Wipers Times 14 is the first beer from Brouwerij Kazematten. It gets its name from the famous ‘trench gazette’ written by British soldiers during the First World War.

This small newspaper was an exceptional mix of jokes, black humour, sarcasm and poetry, and was very popular with British soldiers serving their country in the trenches of Flanders. It now has a special place in British literary heritage.

Wipers Times 14 is a top-fermented, blonde speciality beer brewed with four different grains, hopped with locally grown hops and finished with four herbs.

Among those herbs is the seed of the Maria thistle, also called the ‘Blessed Thistle’ among many other names, which has medicinal properties. This thistle was shown on the front page of the newspaper and now adorns the label of this beer.

The ‘14’ in the name is a reference not to 1914, but to the density of the beer: 14° plato (the plato scale measures sugars in the wort). In 2016 Wipers Times 16 saw the light and plans are afoot to launch a a Wipers Times 18.

The Kazematten brewery also produces Grotten Santé, formerly known as Grottenbier, a cave-aged beer that matures in underground military structures around Ypres.


6.2% ABV


Wipers Times 14 is a top-fermented beer brewed with 100% natural ingredients.


Wipers Times 14 is brewed with water, yeast, barley, wheat, oats, corn, four herbs including the Maria thistle, and two varieties of hop.

Colour & Transparency

The beer takes on a golden blonde colour in the glass, producing a thin film of yeast and a light pearlisation below a covering of snowy-white froth.

Serving Temperature

6-8°C / 42-46°F

Serving Glass

Wipers Times 14 is served in the same chalice that is used for the Grotten Santé beer by Brouwerij De Kazematten.

Character, Tastes & Aromas

This beer opens with zesty aromas, and impressions of cheese and vanilla.

It has a very mild and creamy flavour, delicately bitter on the outset, then zesty with touches of vanilla. There is a dry finish.


Wipers Times 14 pairs up well with salads, seafood and exotic dishes. It’s also a great aperitif. Don't be shy to experiment with this one yourself!

Keeping and Storage

You can keep Wipers Times 14 in the bottle for up to 24 months. It can be stored in the barrel for six months.

The specific characteristics of this beer don't make it a "keeper", meaning that extra ageing will not enhance the taste. As with the majority of beers this one is brewed to drink young...

Always store your beer in an upright position in a cool, dry and dark place.


Bottle ✔       On Tap

Wipers Times 14 is available bottled (33cl, 75cl) and on tap (20l).

Thanks to the St. Bernardus connection the beers of De Kazematten are available around the globe.

A gift pack is available with a 75cl bottle and a glass at the brewery and via specialised channels.

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