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OPCD means obsessed, and Alex Gallez, the manager of this self-proclaimed Cult Café in the little town of Ardooie outside Bruges, is obsessed with his Cultcafé OPCD, belgian beer, beer café © OPCD
country’s – and especially his region’s – beers.

Cult café OPCD is not a ordinary café, but a atmospheric brown pub where a diverse audience can enjoy themselves to a long and cosy wooden counter. Musically OPCD offers you a variation from world music to blues, from cabaret to contemporary music. Occasionally there is a live performance, café theatre or comedy.

During the summer you can enjoy the sun in the south faced garden. For those who want to be entertained like in the real old times you can take arrangements to play Bolletra an old Jeux de boule like game or one of the many folk games Alex can provide you.

The number of small and less small, well known and lesser known breweries in this region and province is downright impressive.

In the beer bar OPCD you can enjoy and explore all these beers. Alex the manager can give you a professional guidance throughout his impressive menu of up to 200 beers. Being a pure bred, Alex specializes in West-Flemish beers supplied from several local breweries that are not in normal distribution.

If you want to have a real beer experience your at the right place. Next to the OPCD you can find “De Bierproeverij” (“beer tastings”) where you can expand your horizon of beer knowledge.

Beer and Food

During the beer tasting, Alex himself helps you to discover which beers Belgium has to offer in a pleasant and relaxed manner. For the tastings you can chose 6 different beers Cultcafé OPCD © OPCD
you would like to taste or you can trust on the professional guidance of Alex to help you.

Alex knows the right taste evolution so you can experience beer on a higher level and indulge yourself in flavours and colours.

A professional and fun relaxing experience is assured combined with numerous facts and anecdotes about the beers and breweries. Each tasting is worked out to the finest detail, with matching tasters to enhance the flavours of the beers.

A tasting is possible for groups from 2 up to 25 people. Booking in advance is necessary. The tasting of 4 beers , snacks included, water included amounts € 16.50 per person from 2 to 6 people.

The tasting of 6 beers, snacks included, water included amounts € 22.50 per person.

With an additional lay-on, it is also possible to a cheese-or Breughel buffet or a basket with bread rolls for a maximum of 20 people. The tasting can also be combined with a game of Bolletra (chattin). For this you pay only 1 euro extra per person.

Additional Information

The location Alex chose has a vast History, it has not only been a café for 100 years. It all began in 1681 when the order of the parrot came together. Cultcafé OPCD © OPCD

Since then the Guild House which chose the steel crossbow as their weapon used the location as a depot for their weapons.

Today the Guild house still exists with a few Belgian Royalty’s as members. They still practice their lethal shot behind the OPCD (without casualties off course).

For the bicycle lovers amongst you this region is a must see and do. You can enjoy the carefully mapped routes of “het Brugse ommeland“ and take a well earned rest at the OPCD.

Not only because of the great variety of beers, OPCD is a bicycle friendly café so if you have any bike trouble Alex can and will provide you the needed materials to get back on track. OPCD is an official tourist information point for the city of Ardooie.

Café OPCD details

  • Aaaaalogo1
  • Opening Times:  
  • Sunday 15:00 - .. : ..
    Monday 15:00 - .. : ..
    Tuesday closed
    Wednesday 14:00 - .. : ..
    Thursday 14:00 - .. : ..
    Friday 14:00 - .. : ..
    Saturday 15:00 - .. : ..

    From October until the end of April, Cultcafé OPCD also closes on Mondays. From May until the end of September they open earlier on Sundays. (11 am)

  • Number of Beers Sold: 200 +
  • Average Beer Price: € 3.50
  • Languages Spoken: Dutch, English, French
  • Outside Area: Yes

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