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Tungri Bitter

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Tungri Bitter, Amburon Belgian Craft Brewery Tungri Bitter

The Brewery

Amburon Belgian Craftbrewery
Hasseltsesteenweg 617

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Beer Style

Belgian Bitter

The Beer

The earliest inhabitants of this city have left their traces in the name of this bitter blonde – it gives a respectful nod to history and to the rich Belgian brewing tradition in general.

Tungri Bitter perfectly fits the range of the Tungri craft beers and complements the Tungri Blond and Dubbel.

We are tasting natural, pure, unfiltered beers that re-ferment in the bottle. On hearing the term ‘bitter’, what springs first to the mind of beer lover is a strongly hopped IPA (India Pale Ale), wildly popular amongst craft brewers.

However, Tungri Bitter is a Belgian bitter that lies somewhere between a traditional pale ale and an IPA.

As a consequence, the bitter taste of hops has been tamed, which results in a delightfully fruity, robust blonde beer in which the aromas of citrus and hop are beautifully balanced.

The brewers are striving for that desired balance and a complexity in the glass.

To achieve this, different varieties of hops are added at varying stages of the brewing process, plus the brewers have found inspiration in the latest brewing trends within Belgium and abroad, and ‘co-brewing’ with colleagues forms a great impetus.

Amburon Belgian Craftbrewery is also the driving force behind the annual beer festival held in Tongeren during the first weekend in August.


7.5% ABV


Top-fermented beer, unfiltered, unpasteurised, re-ferments in the bottle.


Tungri Bitter is brewed with water, yeast, several different hops and barley malt.

Colour & Transparency

Tungri Bitter has the yellow colour of the sun, quite clear, a bit cloudier when the yeast is poured out with the beer. This beer has a delicate pearlisation and a solid collar of froth.

Serving Temperature

5 - 7°C / 41 - 45°F

Serving Glass

Tungri beers are served in their own elegant glass that holds either 25cl or 33cl. The beer continues to produce beautiful bubbles thanks to the etching on the inside of the glass. Whether you consume the yeast residue at the bottom of the bottle is up to you; however, the taste of this beer does take on a slight change when you do drink the yeast.

Character, Tastes & Aromas

A citrusy-fruity aroma with balanced and intensely warm touches of bitter hops.

A mildly refreshing finish, pleasantly bitter towards the end.


Tungri Bitter makes a great pairing with zesty and spicy food, hamburgers and grilled meats. Also try it with chicken wings and fish and chips.

Keeping and Storage

Tungri Bitter keeps for at least 24 months, preferably stored upright in a dark and cool place.

The bottles should be stored vertically which ensures that the yeast remains on the bottom and your beer remains clear.


Bottle ✔       On Tap

Tungri Bitter is available bottled (33 cl) and on tap (in 20l kegs). Being a relative newcomer onto the Belgian beer scene the Tungri beers are starting to find their way into shops and cafés throughout Belgium.

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