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Paljas Saison

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Paljas Saison beer Paljas Saison

The Brewery

Brouwerij Henricus
Pathoekeweg 7B
B-8000 Brugge
West Flanders

Beer Style


The Beer

Saison is a traditional farm beer, characteristic of the Hainaut region. This beer style was in danger of disappearing but has gained in popularity in recent years, especially in the USA.

Saison is a light, slightly sour, dry, zesty and fruity beer that was traditionally brewed during the winter months for consumption during the summer.

Paljas Saison is an unpasteurised, unfiltered top-fermented Belgian beer that re-ferments in the bottle. Paljas Saison is brewed with pils and wheat malts, Magnum bitter hops plus Amarillo, Cascade, Citra and Saaz aroma hops.

The dry hopping with the use of aroma hops provides an additional hop boost. Paljas Saison makes for an ideal summer beer.

The in-bottle refermentation provides an extra dose of carbon dioxide and lends the beer its refreshing, zesty taste. Thanks to the use of wheat malts, this beer has a slightly sour taste which makes it very easy to drink.

The range of beers offered by the Henricus Brewery also includes the Paljas Blond, Paljas Bruin and Paljas IPA.


6.0% ABV


Top-fermented beer that re-ferments in the bottle.


Paljas Saison is brewed with water, yeast, pils and wheat malt, Magnum, Amarillo, Cascade, Citra and Saaz hops.

Colour & Transparency

When correctly served in a clean glass this Paljas Saison forms a rich, white head of froth.

Serving Temperature

5 – 7 °C / 41 °F – 45 °F

Serving Glass

A branded Paljas glass.

Character, Tastes & Aromas

A dry, pale blond beer, very quaffable, slightly sour with a fresh and fruity aroma. Hints of citrus.


This saison makes a great pairing with ripened, soft cheeses or with mature, hard cheeses.

It is also recommended to pair up with a fish soup or simple and honest brasserie dishes, such as the classic combination of steak and frites.

Keeping and Storage

Paljas Saison an be stored in the bottle for 24 months and on tap for 12 months. For optimum storage, bottled beer is best kept in a dark, dry and cool environment.


Bottle ✔       On Tap

Bottle: 33cl and 75cl. On tap: 20l.


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