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Mc Chouffe

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Mc Chouffe Belgian beer Mc Chouffe

The Brewery

Brasserie d’Achouffe
Achouffe 32

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Beer Style

Ardense Scotch

The Beer

This dark brother to the famous blond La Chouffe first hit the market back in 1987. The Mc Chouffe aims to steer a middle course between a traditional dark Abbey beer, belonging to the ‘dubbel’ beer style, and a Scotch ale (although the latter generally offers a more pronounced malty taste than see in the Mc Chouffe).

Brasserie d’Achouffe refers to this beer as an ‘Ardense sKotch’, with a nod and a wink to the most popular gnome beer within the family. The Dutch word for gnome is 'Kabouter', hence the inclusion of the capital K. Compared to other re-fermented dark beers, the taste of a Mc Chouffe is really quite neutral. Herbs are not added to the brew, in contrast to the La Chouffe. Once poured, this unfiltered dark beer is a feast for the eyes thanks to its deep ruby-red colour.

The nose fills up immediately with potent aromas, however, pushed along by a respectable alcohol content. Aniseed and liquorice demand centre stage, and are complemented beautifully by a creamy touch of caramel. Despite this beer’s challenging aroma, its taste is surprisingly mild, giving impressions of tree fruits such as pears. The Mc Chouffe is not overwhelmingly bitter, and whoever tastes it will be rewarded with a long and warming aftertaste.


8% ABV


Just like the La Chouffe, the Mc Chouffe is a high fermentation beer that re-ferments both in the barrel and in the bottle. After main fermentation and storage, re-fermentation is promoted by the addition of yeast and sugar, just prior to bottling.


Mc Chouffe is brewed with all-natural ingredients: water, yeast, pale barley malts, Saaz-Saaz and Styrian Golding hops. The beer also contains dark candy sugar.

Colour & Transparency

The Mc Chouffe takes on a deep brown colour when the dark candy sugar has done its work. This unfiltered beer also has a cloudy appearance, contrasting nicely with its rich white collar, showing lovely tiny pearls. You can serve the yeast along with the beer.

Serving Temperature

Temperature: 6 – 10 °C / 42.8 ° F – 50 °F

Serving Glass

Similar to La Chouffe, served in a tulip-shaped glass available in 12cl, 25cl of 33cl sizes. The glasses are available from well-stocked beer shops or online.

Character, Tastes & Aromas

A beer that feels full in the mouth, giving fruity aromas of peach and apricot, with added touches of caramel. Mc Chouffe has a surprisingly fruity bouquet followed by a slightly bitter finish. A great thirst quencher.


The Mc Chouffe makes a fine pairing with braised chicory, mushrooms, salmon, mussels, oysters (preferably au gratin), Parma ham, bacon, grilled sirloin steak, raisins, sweet soy sauce, star anise, prunes, brown sugar and Sainte ‘ashed’ goat’s cheese which has a crust prepared with charcoal ash.

Keeping and Storage

Provided it is stored correctly, this beer will keep in the bottle for three years, and will last for one year in the barrel without alterations to taste or colour.

Do not store this beer any longer, as its taste will not improve.


Bottle ✔       On Tap

Mc Chouffe is available in 33cl and 75cl bottles (Big Chouffe) and in 20L barrels. The brewery is part of the larger Duvel Moortgat group, and thanks to its parent company’s export activities, you shouldn't encounter any difficulty in getting hold of this beer far beyond Belgium’s borders.

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