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The Brewery

Bierfirma La Cress BVBA /Anders Brouwen
Kraaibornstraat 37

Beer Style

Special Belgian Blonde

The Beer

La Cress was launched in August 2013 at the Bier Anders Beer Festival in Tongeren. It is a delicious blond beer with a rich smooth feel in the mouth. The brewing process includes a secondary fermentation in the bottle, providing natural carbonation. Watercress seeds provide the herbal flavour.

This truly is a unique beer. La Cress is brewed with exclusively Belgian hops and the watercress seeds are cultivated on the fertile land of the agricultural Haspengouw region. In addition to the inherent bitterness of the watercress, you will also appreciate the beautiful hop aroma generated by those 100% pure Belgian hop varieties.

It’s a superb thirst-quenching beer and makes for an ideal aperitif in summer. There is also a La Cress Tripel on the way, a beer that's being developed and brewed as we speak.

Last year, the supplier of the seeds, Sint-Lucie watercress farm, located in the province of Limburg, was granted Protected Geographical Status under European Union Law. The farm has been run by the Vansimpsen family for three generations and is open to visitors. When touring the region it's well worth stopping off for a guided tour. To get more information about visiting the farm please contact them directly via email.


6.5 % ABV


Top-fermentation, refermented in the bottle.


La Cress is brewed with 100% natural ingredients: water, barley malt, a selection of Belgian hops, watercress seeds and yeast.

Colour & Transparency

Golden blonde beer and slightly cloudy.

Serving Temperature

4 – 6 °C / 39 ° F – 42 °F

Serving Glass

La Cress is served in its own specially-developed La Cress glass. You can purchase it at local beer wholesalers that sell the beer.

Character, Tastes & Aromas

This beer is distinguished by a rich smooth feel, and a herbal flavour with an ever so slightly bitter aftertaste. It forms a nice head when correctly chilled and served.


This beer is very versatile when it comes to using it in the kitchen, or pairing it up with certain dishes.

Because of the watercress, it goes very well with grilled fish or meat, and can be added as an ingredient to certain sauces – or to cook mussels in, for example.

Keeping and Storage

The label indicates La Cress is best consumed within two years. And the brewer knows best: the beer will perform much better within the time stated.

This is not a beer that was brewed to store in a cellar for years on end.


Bottle ✔       On Tap

It’s available the whole year around in 33cl bottles in specialized bars, cafés, restaurants and at local supermarkets. La Cress has only just started its distribution, but pretty soon it's expected that the beer will be available throughout Belgium.

The beer is not backed by a huge marketing or export machine, so for the moment it isn't that easy to find it outside of Belgium. However, there are signs this will change in the near future.


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