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Cuvée des Trolls Triple

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Cuvée des Trolls Triple, Dubuisson Cuvée des Trolls Triple

The Brewery

Brasserie Dubuisson
Chaussée de Mons 28
B-7904 Pipaix

Email Website Telephone+32 (0) 69 / 67 22 22 Facebook

Beer Style

Sterk Blond Bier - Strong Blonde Beer

The Beer

The Cuvée des Trolls Triple is another of Dubuisson's anniversary triples, brewed to mark the 10th anniversary of the Cuvée des Trolls. Its basis beer, Cuvée des Trolls, was born in 2000 in the tanks of Dubuisson's microbrewery subsidiary, Le Brasse-Temps, in Louvain-La-Neuve.

This unfiltered blonde beer is warmly cloudy by nature. It has a full-mouthed mildness married to a fresh taste, with fruity, citrus-perfumed aromas, owing to the use of dried orange peel. As a triple, the Cuvée des Trolls Triple is classed as a heavy, top-fermented beer, that has been re-fermented in the bottle.

That extra ferment helps bring an edge to its subtly bitter and fruity flavourings, as well as adding a little more punch to its carbonation.


7.5% ABV


The Cuvée des Trolls Triple is an unfiltered, top-fermented beer that re-ferments in the bottle.


Water drawn from the brewery's own well, sugar, barley malt, dried orange peel, hops and yeast.

Colour & Transparency

Coloured between blonde and amber. Slightly cloudy veil, and a firm froth.

Serving Temperature

Bottle: 10 – 12°C / 50 – 56.6 °F

Serving Glass

Cuvée des Trolls Triple is served in the characteristic Dubuisson glass, but with a matt satin finish. The striking logo features a tiny, hop-headed, pointy-nosed troll leaping, legs akimbo.

Character, Tastes & Aromas

The addition of dried orange peel at the boiling stage produces a pleasantly fruity initial aroma. On the taste, this manages to achieve a pleasing union to the underlying roundess and delicate flavour of Cuvée des Trolls Triple. The re-fermentation in the bottle helps to reinforce those tender and fruity tones.


The Cuvée des Trolls Triple is suitable for culinary use. As an only slightly bitter beer, it makes a great addition to cooking juices, sauces or fish and meat marinades. The Cuvée des Trolls Triple can also be added to salad viniagrettes, or even as an ingredient in a mayonnaise.

Keeping and Storage

Minimum 24 months – Maximum 36 months


Bottle ✔       On Tap

The Cuvée des Trolls Triple comes only in a large champagne-style bottle (75 cl).

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