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Coccinelle Belgian beer Coccinelle

The Brewery

Huisbrouwerij Krico
Singelbeekstraat 7
Limburg, Belgium

Email Website Telephone+32 (0) 486 485 589 Facebook

Beer Style

Belgian Tripel

The Beer

Coccinelle is the first beer produced by Hasselt hobby brewer Kris Dexters. In 2007 he obtained his brewer’s qualification in Anderlecht and in 2011 he graduated as a Zythologue in Hasselt. After years of tasting, trial and error Kris finally found what he was looking for. His creation saw the light in 2013 and was baptised Coccinelle.

This is the French word for ladybird. This little insect is the hop plant’s natural protector from aphids. It is also synonymous with luck and happiness, and this is exactly what Kris hopes to achieve with this brew: lots of happiness in a very tasty glass of beer.

Coccinelle is a robust beer that goes down easily. The brewer has found the perfect balance between a fruity, herbal and pleasantly bitter character.


8.0 % ABV


High fermentation with in-bottle refermentation. Unfiltered and unpasteurised. This accounts for the full, robust taste and also for the slight cloudiness (veil?) present in the beer.


Water, yeast, pilsner malt, caramel malt, wheat, three varieties of hops (East Kent Goldings / Northern Brew / Hallertau Perlé), herbs and sugar.

Colour & Transparency

Light blond with a slight touch of amber. The beer is slightly cloudy as it is unfiltered and unpasteurised.

Serving Temperature

6 - 8 °C / 42.8 – 46.4 °F

Serving Glass

Coccinelle is served in an elegant tulip-shaped beer glass.

Character, Tastes & Aromas

Underneath the softly creamy white head our nose discerns a mild fruitiness and a slight touch of herbs. This fruitiness comes from the yeast.

The lovely balance between the fruity-herbal aromas and the mild hoppy bitterness makes for a pleasantly bitter aftertaste which makes you look forward to the next mouthful and the next glass. This full-mouthed tripel goes down pleasantly well.


A Coccinelle can be served with a good piece of beef or a tasty hunk of fish. It will make the perfect partner for a zesty, well-seasoned steak tartare, a piece of fried cod or monkfish, accompanied by a beautifully creamy sauce.

This beer also makes an excellent culinary companion with a summery barbecue. The subtlety of the beer will not affect the taste of of the dishes, but Coccinelle is robust enough to cope with strong aromas.

Keeping and Storage

The beer can be stored up to two years after bottling without affecting its taste or colour. As always, best kept in a dark and cool room.


Bottle ✔       On Tap

Coccinelle is available in 33cl bottles, 75cl bottles and 20l kegs (one way). Coccinelle can already be enjoyed in a number of cafés and restaurants. You can also locate it in specialised shops and off-licences.

Huisbrouwerij Krico website includes an extensive list of stockists which grows almost every day. If you have any questions or comments for Kris Dexters, you can always get in touch with him using the same website address.


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