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Chimay Triple (White Cap)

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Chimay Triple beer Chimay Triple

The Brewery

Bières de Chimay
Espace Chimay
Rue de Poteaupré 5
B-6464 Bourlers

Website Telephone+32 (0) 60/21 14 33 Facebook

Beer Style

Belgian Trappist Beer (Triple/Tripel)

The Beer

It was in 1966 that Brother Théodore created the ‘capsule blanche’, now better known under the name of Chimay Triple. In contrast to the dark Chimay Rouge and Chimay Bleue, the ‘white Chimay’ presents a dry and hoppy character. This triple really is a drinkable proof of the complex art of brewing. It has a mainly dry character, enhanced by a floral fruitiness that brings to mind memories of a fine dry white wine.

In later days, the denomination of ‘blanche’ would be changed to ‘triple’ to avoid confusion with the Belgian white beers (the ‘witbieren’). The 500th anniversary of the town of Chimay – celebrated in 1986 – provided the ideal occasion to market the Blanc in a 75cl format, and to adorn it with the rather suitable name of ‘Cinq Cents’.

Yeast makes a significant contribution to the characteristic Blanc aroma - not just of hops and fresh yeast, but adding a distinct fruitiness too. It took many years of trial and error before Brother Théodore managed to select, and isolate, the house yeast that was to become so vital a part of Chimay's beers, like the Blanc.

In the glass, this triple has a golden colour verging on amber. Its initial taste is a sweet one. Then you will discover a triple that's beautifully balanced between herbs and fruit, but one which, above all, preserves a mild and pleasantly bitter aftertaste.

Although primarily enjoyed as a bottled beer, remarkably this exquisite re-fermented beer is also available on tap – but only from an elite of hostelries. Around twenty pubs and cafés have met the brewery’s strict criteria, and so can proudly serve Chimay's topflight triple. Seek and enjoy.


8% ABV


A high-fermentation beer that re-ferments in the bottle.


The Chimay Triple is brewed with wholly natural ingredients: water, barley malt, Cara München malts, winter barley, Galena hops and Chimay’s own house yeast.

Colour & Transparency

Underneath a finely woven and crackling carpet of snow, we see a cool golden blonde, with a brilliant copper glow.

Serving Temperature

6 - 8 °C / 43 – 46 °F

Serving Glass

A Chimay is normally tasted from the well-known proprietary tulip-shaped glass, a design that is characteristic for all of the Belgian Trappists. This glass is available through beer shops and is often sold gift-wrapped in combination with the beer.

Character, Tastes & Aromas

Chimay Triple is quite reminiscent of wine, with its caresses of citrus and floral herbs. Impressions include that of toasted bread and the fruity taste of grapes. The finish is elegant, giving a smattering of bitter hops, combined with the bitter herbal aroma of citrus zest and cloves.


This complex beer forms a great duet with cod, skate or 'coquilles', accompanied by a sauce containing shrimps or capers. A very pleasant companion for a risotto made with peas, ‘lamsoor’ sea kale and finely-diced, prime bacon. It is also excellent with a dish of mussels, or a duo of shrimp and cheese croquettes – or even a zesty curry with noodles.

A tip for lovers of pickled food: enjoy a Chimay Triple with the regional 'escaveche' eel or trout dish, marinated in vinegar (also known as ‘opgelegd in ’t zuur’ by the Flemish).

Keeping and Storage

Chimay Triple is best when drank as young as possible. In common with all triples, storing them for longer will only detract from the beer’s hoppy character. Preferably keep such a beer as this in a cool, dark and dry space.


Bottle ✔       On Tap

Chimay Triple comes in 33cl and 75cl bottles. In addition, this is one of the very few Trappists that can be enjoyed freshly poured – but only in around twenty cafés. Like all Chimay beers, bottles of Chimay Triple are still quite easy to find far beyond Belgium’s borders. Chimay, together with Westmalle, probably enjoys the widest distribution of all the Belgian Trappist beers.

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