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't Koelschip

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Beershop 't Koelschip is currently the only specialised beer shop in the city of Ostend. Ive Mostrey started the place up on New Year’s Day in 2010, koelschip ©
which says a lot about the character of this hairy, rock and roll 'beerpromotor'.

The very least you can say about Ive is that he certainly like to do things his way. He’s open seven days a week even after hours on request.

As well as selling beer, he’s an apprentice brewer known for the locally very popular Venetian Blond beer called Harlekijn (which he brews as a guest brewer at the Strubbe brewery), he also runs an online shop and organises tastings at the shop or on location.

At t’ Koelschip you will always get a warm welcome and if there’s a particular beer you would like to try, Ive will be more than happy to oblige with the right glass and a bottle opener.

His beers are also available via his online shop which is scheduled for a serious expansion very soon.... Be sure to check for new special arrangements or products as what is on offer frequently changes.

Beer and Food

't Koelschip has a healthy regular stock of more than 500 (mainly Belgian) specialty beers. The variety is enormous, but there’s a strong emphasis on the smaller and more artisanal breweries like Alvinne, Struise Brouwers (Sturdy Brewers) and Hof ten Dormaal.

Besides the smaller, specialty breweries t’ Koelschip also sells all of the Trappists, both Belgian and imported. From Wesvleteren to Gregorius, if monks we’re involved Ive will have them on his shelf.

As this is a beer shop and not a restaurant you won’t be handed a menu. But when you book a tasting session you can choose to accompany your beers with an assortment of regional cheeses.

For €35 you’ll taste five beers with a fine selection of 12 artisan cheeses produced at a nearby farm as well as 10 kinds of bread. With beers on stock that are more than 15 % ABV this isn’t an unnecessary luxury.

Additional Information

Beer tastings are available on request for groups of two to 40. A basic tasting includes three beers and costs €12 per person, but you can make it as elaborate koelschip ©
and extravagant as you like. Ive is very flexible when it comes to beer.

A specialty of this shop is barrel-aged beers, the latest next big thing in the wonderful world of beer.

Aged in used Bourbon, Armagnac, Sherry, Pomerol, Bordeaux or Ardberg whisky barrels these beers bring a new dimension to any aficionado’s pallet.

His web shop is due to be updated very soon to offer more than 2,500 different specialty beers for you to snap up for shipping anywhere in the world with just a couple of clicks.

His own beer Harlekijn, is also used by local chocolatier Ollivier Willems to produce a sweet combination of two of Belgium’s most important products.

Last but not least, Harlekijn was also snapped up by a Belgian “boil-in a bag” manufacturer and is currently used in two dishes. As this is a well-kept secret disclosing the dishes or the name of the manufacturer would be treason...

't Koelschip details

  • Logokoelschip
  • Opening Times:  
  • Sunday 10:00 - 12:00 14:00 - 19:00
    Monday - - - - - -
    Tuesday - - - - - -
    Wednesday - - - - - -
    Thursday 10:00 - 12:00 14:00 - 19:00
    Friday 10:00 - 12:00 14:00 - 19:00
    Saturday 10:00 - 12:00 14:00 - 19:00

  • Number of Beers Sold: 500+
  • Average Beer Price: 2.50 €
  • Payment Methods: Cash Only
  • Languages Spoken: Dutch, French, English



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